Mayoral Candidates

Anton, Suzanne (NPA):  Bio

Buday, Golok Zoltan: Website

Caissy, Menard: Blog

Cooke, Lloyd Alan: Profile (City of Vancouver Website)

Dubgee: Blog, Article, Video (Dubjedi), Video (Transit Improvements)

Helten, Randy (Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver – NSV):  Bio.

Lawrance, Robin: Profile (City of Vancouver Website),

McGuire, Gerry (Vancouver Citizen’s Voice):  Interview.

Paquette, Victor: Profile (City of Vancouver Website), VPSN survey response

Pelletier, Sam: Profile (City of Vancouver Website)

Robertson, Gregor (Vision Vancouver):  Bio.

Zimmerman, Darrell (Free Transit):  Blog.

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