About the VPSN

The Vancouver Public Space Network (VPSN) is a grassroots collective that engages in advocacy, outreach and education  on public space issues and challenges in the City of Vancouver.  This includes promoting community-friendly urban design, fostering public dialogue and debate, devising ways to re-green neglected spaces in the city, and challenging the increase of advertising ‘creep’ in public places.

The VPSN was formed in 2006.  Since that time we have grown from a dozen volunteers to over 2000 members.  The VPSN continues to expand: a testament to the large number of individuals who value public space and view it as an essential feature of a vibrant, inclusive city.

To learn more about the VPSN:

  • Visit our main webpage at vpsn.ca
  • Check our our more up-to-date (and easier on the eyes) blog
  • Follow us on Facebook, or Tumblr or Twitter (@vpsn)
  • Check out some nice pictures on our Flickr page
  • Email us at info [at] vancouverpublicspace [.] com

And for a sense of some of our policy interests, you can read our 2008 Public Space Manifesto (and stay tuned for the 2011 manifesto, coming shortly).

4 responses to “About the VPSN

  1. Hi folks – great blogsite. However, could you please change the link to my bio (Adriane Carr, City Council Candidate) to the correct website: bettervancouver.ca

  2. VSPN, (1) Can you please correct the spelling of my name (Helton ==> Helten) in your live blog of the Last Candidate Standing event on Nov 6. (2) Will you be putting the event up on web video as appears to be your practice (you did last time)? (3) Is there a reason you don’t provide a contact e-mail address on your website? Please so. (4) For full transparency, will you also indicate who paid for the costs of your event? This would be good practice.

    • Hi Randy,

      Thanks for the comments. In turn:

      (1) Done! And please accept our apologies on this matter.
      (2) Yes, the event was recorded and will be uploaded (in segments) to YouTube as quickly as possible. Stay tuned for details on that.
      (3) No, no reason… But we’ll put that in our “About” section now.
      (4) Certainly, transparency is always good! The event was paid for by the VPSN and UBC SALA. The folks at SALA covered the room rental and part of the A/V and the VPSN covered planning, promotions, band and MC costs, equiptment rentals. The VPSN crew that you saw working the show – about 20 people in total – are part of our stellar volunteer team. No external funding was received for this event…

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