Election Results

Ladies and Gentlemen, your mayor, council, and parks board for the next three years!


Gregor Robertson           Vision Vancouver


LOUIE, Raymond P          Vision Vancouver

JANG, Kerry                       Vision Vancouver

DEAL, Heather                   Vision Vancouver

REIMER, Andrea               Vision Vancouver

STEVENSON, Tim              Vision Vancouver

MEGGS, Geoff                  Vision Vancouver

TANG, Tony                        Vision Vancouver

BALL, Elizabeth                  NPA

AFFLECK, George             NPA

CARR, Adriane                   Green Party of Vancouver

Parks Board:

BARNES, Constance        Vision Vancouver

BLYTH, Sarah                      Vision Vancouver

JASPER, Aaron                   Vision Vancouver

SHARMA, Niki                    Vision Vancouver

DE GENOVA, Melissa      NPA

COUPAR, John                  NPA

LOKE, Trevor                      Vision Vancouver

Last Candidate Standing – candidate videos

last candidate standing poster - detail

Many of you who weren’t able to make it out the Last Candidate Standing event on November 6, 2011 have been asking us how it went. Thanks to the good folks at 3RDI, the work of our volunteer videographers has now received a quick edit and is online for your viewing pleasure.

Last Candidate Standing was produced by VPSN and UBC’sSchool ofArchitecture + Landscape Architecture, and held at UBC Robson Square Theatre. 30 candidates participated in the event – a mixture of folks running for either the Mayor’s job or a seat on Council. Participants from all the major parties were in attendance, as was a healthy assembly of independents. (We like to think that Last Candidate is one of the most inclusive election events around!)

Round One saw groups of three candidates randomly selected and invited to the stage by MC Steve Burgess. Candidates were then given a question by the Panel of Inquisition – Matthew Soules (UBC), Alissa Sadler (VPSN), David Beers (The Tyee) and Theresa Lalonde (CBC). The best two answers earned a pass to Round Two, where the process was repeated with groups of four. The number of contestants was reduced each subsequent round… until there was only Last Candidate remaining.

Curious to see candidates tackle interesting, off-the-wall questions? Take a look at the following clips from the event. These are the clips from Round One (all posted to YouTube). The rest will be linked as soon as we get ‘em.

Round 1, Set 1 – Geoff Meggs (Vision), Rick Orser (Ind.), Victor Paquette (Ind.)

Round 1, Set 2 – Dubgee (Ind.), Lauren Gill (RICH), Chris Masson (De-Growth)

Round 1, Set 3 – Michael Dharni (Ind.), Chris Shaw (De-Growth), Amy “Evil Genius” Fox (Ind.)

Round 1, Set 4 – Ken Charko (NPA), Randy Helten (NSV), Andrea Reimer (Vision)

Round 1, Set 5 – RJ Aquino (COPE), Joe Carangi (NPA), Aaron Spires (RICH)

Round 1, Set 6 – Menard Caissy (Ind.), Terry Martin (NSV), Darrell Zimmerman (Ind.)

Round 1, Set 7 – Golok Zoltan Buday (Ind.), Sean Bickerton (NPA), Sam Pelletier (Ind.)

Round 1, Group 8 – Ellen Woodsworth (COPE), George Affleck (NPA), Sandy Garossino (Ind.)

Round 1, Set 9 – Bill McCreery (NPA), Kerry Jang (Vision), Ian Gregson (De-Growth)

Round 1, Set 10 – Nicole Benson (NSV), Grant Fraser (Ind), Adrienne Carr (Green)

Election Headlines, Nov 17 – Nov 19

Your Election Legacy

We want to hear what you legacy would be if you were mayor.  Join the discussion!

These are the first responses we received to our election legacy question.

It’s great that we are creating residential neighbourhoods where people can walk or bike. It’s also great that we [are] creat[ing] high density neighborhoods. But if these developments are at the expense of businesses then this is a self-destructive policy as people will have to commute to the suburbs to work (and we’re back to where we started). We must develop a balance between residential space (or capacity) and business space (capacity). The business[es] need to create well-paying jobs (not retail or service jobs). The affordability and space for business in Vancouver has been eroding for decades and we need to establish a balance.

20 years from now people will be talking about how I created the Initiative to revive access to the Fraser River.  We will have boat launches, dog parks, marshlands and  educational kiosks along the Fraser River.

 Two simple legacies:

1.) Restoration of Vancouver’s historic streetcar routes, with affordable light rail restored to existing double-carriage bus routes as well as addition of new light rail routes serving new transit-oriented green density hubs.

2.) Implementation of city’s Net Zero building code, through which developers receive density bonuses in targeted zones in exchange for erecting buildings that require no outside energy or water — and that provide an agreed-upon amount of charging power for shared electric vehicles.

Check out our latest updates

Hello Vancouverites!

There are only a few more days until the election.  In order to get you into voting mode we urge you to revisit our survey responses, which have recently been updated. Click the appropriate link to view the responses from the Parks Board Candidates, Mayoral Candidates, and Council Candidates.

Additionally, we want to get a better idea of what your priorities are.  So we urge you to fill out the VPSN’s one question survey.  The question?  It’s 20 years from now in Vancouver.  If your vision for the city succeeds, what is THE BIG CHANGE everyone will be talking about?  You can register your responses here.  Responses will be posted on the Vancouver Votes home page.

Election Headlines, Nov 14th – 16th

Election Headlines, Nov 11th – 13th


Spread the Bike Love Party

Thursday November 17
7:00pm til late
Chapel Arts
304 Dunlevy St. Vancouver

The Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition is throwing a party in the name of keeping the bike love coming!

Music, art, and drink inspired dance moves. Become a member and for the love of self-propelled transportation! learn who bike-friendly candidates are in the upcoming elections and VOTE on November 19.

$2 entrance fee, $5 suggested donation –or better yet! become a VACC member.
There will be free valet bike parking

All Candidates Meeting – Kits Neighbourhood House

Kitsilano Neighbourhood House is hosting an All Candidates Meeting at the Main Hall (7th and Vine) in Kitsilano this Saturday.  Nine candidates have confirmed their attendance.

Nov 12 (Sat), 10  to noon
All Candidate Meeting – City Council
Kitsilano Neighbourhood House
Contact: 604-736-3588

:: For more information check out the Kits House webpage

Check out the Candidates’ Survey Responses!

The Vancouver Public Space Network has compiled the responses to our Candidates’ Survey. Go to the drop down menu above – Candidates’ Survey Responses for a look at what the candidates for the Parks Board, Mayor and Council have to say!