Party Platforms

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  1. My concern is deeply for people who are involved with drugs/alcohol, especially Youth between 12 to 25 years in Vancouver district. The consequences are so tragic, and no one seems to care much about all those issues. The police do not do much as we think they should, (in comparison with Europe and USA), i experiencied it myself, and a lot of problem could be detected sooner for example at school, misbehavior and lack of will to learn on teenagers affects not only their own future but those around them too, and the laissez faire of some teachers and directors, homeless people, (not people but human being) i have seen myself on the road daily, and when we talk about homeless, but there is more to it… Anyway, what have your organization to offer, as knowing that drugs kills more people in vancouver than the cigarettes… Is the laissez faire in Canada in general a way to encourage more people to kill themself and that is still ok to continue by approving the drugs market at school or in the city by voting for free drugs… Knowing that the police could do far more when each house is appraised for sale, each appraiser, each bank knows if the house is drug related. Why even the Ministry of Family do not give more credit to the parents with abdicted youth. Did some of you have experiencing what it is to go through such an ordeal… Not only you see your child (or relation) going down, and then you cannot even have help as you wish because it is normal they will say, do you think it is normal that your kids have easy access on drugs, alcohol (even vodka)?…
    Poverty, homeless problem, kids not valuing their education, and others…
    What do you have on your plattform for those youth, those parents?
    I am speaking for myself in the name of a lot of parents who are very silent because it is hurting too much even to discuss about it.

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