Your Election Legacy

We want to hear what you legacy would be if you were mayor.  Join the discussion!

These are the first responses we received to our election legacy question.

It’s great that we are creating residential neighbourhoods where people can walk or bike. It’s also great that we [are] creat[ing] high density neighborhoods. But if these developments are at the expense of businesses then this is a self-destructive policy as people will have to commute to the suburbs to work (and we’re back to where we started). We must develop a balance between residential space (or capacity) and business space (capacity). The business[es] need to create well-paying jobs (not retail or service jobs). The affordability and space for business in Vancouver has been eroding for decades and we need to establish a balance.

20 years from now people will be talking about how I created the Initiative to revive access to the Fraser River.  We will have boat launches, dog parks, marshlands and  educational kiosks along the Fraser River.

 Two simple legacies:

1.) Restoration of Vancouver’s historic streetcar routes, with affordable light rail restored to existing double-carriage bus routes as well as addition of new light rail routes serving new transit-oriented green density hubs.

2.) Implementation of city’s Net Zero building code, through which developers receive density bonuses in targeted zones in exchange for erecting buildings that require no outside energy or water — and that provide an agreed-upon amount of charging power for shared electric vehicles.

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